Sanskrit Department

SAMSKRITAM the mother language for most of the Indian language is offered as an optional subject in part I For the Under Graduate Students during their first and second years of the programme. Ms. S. Subha worked as a Assistant Professor and head of the department at period of 1996-2014. After that Ms.Kavitha continue the position at the period of 2014-2018. At present Dr.M.Archana, Assistant Professor is heading the department.

Sanskrit is taught right from the alphabet to the new comers through computer assisted learning. Department of Sanskrit taught the students. Sanskrit has a rich literature. It's literature is not just limited to religion and philosophy but also includes the fields of politics, science, arts and medicine and fiction.

From the very beginning, scientific principles have been hidden in the verses found in the Vedas, Upanishads and astronomy are all hidden in the compositions and treatise many early scholars of the country. Some if these principlesand concepts will be shown in the information section that will accompany the lessons.

As an extension activity, the department of Sanskrit endeavors to make school students to develop an interest in learning the language and to know our rich cultural heritage. Department conducting various competitions. like Sloka Recitation and Quiz. Departmental magazine is also published every year. Students are motivated to participate and present in the papers the seminars and workshops.

  • Encourage the students to learn a new language.
  • Teach our students from the alphabets.
  • More than 95% of the Sanskrit literature has nothing to do with religion and instead it deals with philosophy, law, Science, literature, grammar, phonetics, interpretation etc.,
  • Motivating our students to present papers in seminars.
  • Interdisciplinary concepts are also introduced to teach our students.

NAME: Dr. M.Archana M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
DESIGNATION : Assistant professor, Department of Sanskrit

10 Years and 2 months

Department of Sanskrit motivates our students to present the papers in seminars. Department encourage our students to write the articles journals. Department plan to publish the interdepartmental magazine. Other than that Sanskrit students are also encouraged to write the articles. Department is going to inaugurated the “Drama club” for all the students. As an Extension Activity the Department of Sanskrit endeavours to make school students to develop an interest in learning the language and to know our rich cultural heritage, by conducting various competitions like Recitation, Quiz, Fancy dress and tubule based on our rich Indian Heritage.

Department of Sanskrit motivates all our students to write articles for departmental magazines and they motivate the students to learn and do the model for the concepts i.e. science and Sanskrit to create awareness to others Sanskrit is not only religious related, it also has all the arts and science concepts.