NGC is a major initiative for creating environmental awareness launched in 2001-02 which aims at building cadres of young children working towards environmental conservation and sustainable development.

The phenomenal response has received and has made the network more than 1,00,000 Eco clubs across the country in 14 years.

It is operated through Eco- clubs setup in college registered as members of NGC.

For implementation of Eco clubs list of some of the suggested activities of Eco – clubs organized by our Botany department as follows.

Organized field visits to environmentally important sites including polluted and degraded sites, wildlife parks etc.

Take up activities like the plantation, cleanliness duties both within and outside the college campus.

Grow kitchen garden, maintain vermin-composting pits.

Organize awareness programmes against defection in public places, pasting posters in public places and to propagate personal hygiene habits like washing hands before meals etc.

To sensitize people about maintenance of public places like parks, gardens both within and outside the college campus.

Create database on land use pattern, species diversity, medical plants etc to help planned conservation efforts.

Organize rallies, marches, human chains at public places with a view to spread environmental awareness.

Demonstrate/promote eco-friendly practices like non-chemical post management, self feeding of animals to protect land from over-grazing.


In 2018, meeting conducted in our Botany department along with NGC conducted meeting on “Recent trends on medicinal plants”, Dr.S.Anbazhakan, Asst. Prof, PG and Research Department of Botany H.H. The Rajah’s college (Autonomous) Pudukkottai. He said how medicinal are used in recent days.

In 2017 Botany department and NGC conducted drawing and essay competition about the topic environmental problems and thavirppu muraiyum and the essay completion topic was namathu puvi namathu ethirkalam. students from all the department from our college participated and won the prizes, our department distributed prizes to the winners and runners.

In 2016 the Botany Department conducted a meeting for motivation young student to be successful in science, the chief guest Dr.K.Arunkumar, Asso.Prof. Plant science department, Central University of Kerala, delivered a keynote to the student how to be successful in science.

He addressed the students connect science to student’s everyday life as cell phones, tablets, and videogames.

Expose students to new opportunities, incorporate technology bring science to life.

As the exhibition conducted in 2015 the department activities were followed in the year 2015 as well organized by our department as the meeting conducted regarding “Global warming”, Dr.M.Vijay Anand Head of Botany, Arumugam Pillai Seethai Ammal College, Thirupathur gave a useful information about the Global warming. He further said how the global warming effect the environment and how to reduce and control its effects further.

He addressed the students about global warming is the slow increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere because an increased amount of the heat energy striking the earth from the sun is being trapped in the atmosphere and host radiated out into space.

To date, the effort to manage climate change has been a matter of high level diplomatic negotiations involving stated and international organizations with a loud, but largely by NGOS, business groups and minor political actors.

In 2013 our Botany department along with NGC and Eco club organized meeting on “Puvi Kaapoom Pudhuyugam Padipoom”, and the Chief guest Retd.Prof. Mr.P.Gurusamy (Chemistry) Virudunagar, gave useful information to the students how to protect the earth from pollution and protect our planet’s beauty and resources. But today it is also in danger from neglect and exploitation, and its only hope for recovery lies with us. He gave information on currently worsening of global warming and how to protect it from his speech we clearly understand the connection between a healthy environment and the health of individuals.

Consuming foods from home grown sources lowers pesticides consumption.

He told agriculture was playing a crucial role in making the response to climate change responsible and more effective.

He advised students to avoid purchasing plastic bottle, buy an appropriate reusable container. A plastic bottle takes thousands of years to decompose and because its not recycled or biodegradable.

Plant a tree to reduce at pollution as shady landscape. He gave useful information about how to create new era by eradicating polluted waste from the earth.

In 11/09/2014 Botany department and NGC- Eco club organized Exhibition an medicinal plants.

We organized medicinal plants exhibition because medicinal herbs have discovered and used in traditional medicine practices sine prehistoric times. Plants synthesizes hundreds of chemicals compounds for functions including defense against insets, fungi, diseases and herbivorous.

Botany department, September 2014 inaugurated Educational Medicinal plants Exhibition organized by NGC and Eco club in the SA college Pallathur and the Chief guests are Dr.K.Arunkumar, Asst.Prof and head, PG and Research, Department of Botany Alagappa Arts College Karaikudi and Mrs. M.Veeralakshmi Asst.Prof and head, Department of Botany Sree Sevugan Annamalai College, Devakottai.

The Chief guests delivered a useful information about the medicinal values of the plants on this occasion. He further spoke on the importance of Ayurveda and its future uses.

He further urged teachers to organize such exhibitions about medicinal plants to students and others and urged for its preservations.

Students from various schools and colleges, parents and public visited the exhibition. Students explained the medicinal uses of various plants present globally. This exhibition was very informative for the students and public.

NGC &Botany department of SA college organized special meeting on 11/01/2012 about ‘Remedies for Environmental deterioration” from Tamilnadu Government PWD, water resources and environmental cell, Madurai.

Environmental degradation is the depletion of resources such as air, water and soil is one of the harmful effect to the environment is a decline in the quality of our environment through this programme gave awareness to the students and public how to prevent the environmental degradation by changes to minimize the usage of their own car, bike instead they can take public transport and devastating effects on local water supplies and human health stop using disposable products, whenever possible buying food stuffs and groceries using reusable cloth grocery bags instead of plastic, paper and cloth napkins instead of paper towels are all simple ways to cut down on waste.

Trying to use less energy by unplugging appliances, switching to LED bulbs can cut down energy usage and electricity bills.

Through this meeting and awareness programme public and students have gathered a sacred planning knowledge about the environmental degradation and got the awareness regarding how to safeguard the environment by minimum usage of polluted products.