Chemistry Department

Seethalakshmi Achi College for Women was started functioning in 1962 with the pre University course exclusively for women. The physical science department functioned from 1963 onwards with two lecturers for chemistry and physics. Ms. P. Chitraleka, Lecturer in chemistry was assisted by a Demonstrator Ms.K.Avudaiammal. With the strenuous effort of the founder Late.O.A.P.R.M. Arunchalam Chettiyar, Ms.Renganayakiamma, the then Principal and Ms.P.Chitraleka (Lecturer in Chemistry) B.Sc. Chemistry major with Physics and Mathematics or Zoology as ancillary was started in the year 1965.Ms.S.Gnanasundari was the first Professor to lead the department of Chemistry, with well-equipped laboratories for the Pre University and B.Sc Chemistry major students. The students secured the highest marks and entered into the Medical and Engineering course based on absolute merit. Some of the students got admitted for B.Sc Degree also in this institution. University I & II Ranks were achieved by the students from Madras University. Ancillary chemistry was introduced to the students of B.Sc Zoology and B.Sc Botany from 1967 and 1973 respectively. The department has been growing steadily under the able governance of the following Professors.

Ms.K.Chellam 1967-1969
Ms.V.Jayalakshmi 1969-1975
Mrs.S.A.Shantha 1975-2002
Dr.G.Meenakshi 2002-2017
Dr.S.Padmini 2017-Till date

The efficient personalities were able to run the department successfully even with inadequate number of teachers whenever the non-availability of teacher arose. The students were well educated and they were trained to get University Ranks under Madurai Kamaraj University.

At present, the department of chemistry is functioning with the following faculty members.

1. Dr.S.Ramuthai (1986-Till date)
2. Dr.S.Padmini (1994-Till date)
3. Dr.A.Rukmani (1996-Till date)
4. Dr.S.Vigneswari (2016-Till date)
5. Ms.M.Gayathri (2018 –Till date)

The faculty members put forth great efforts in their academic duties and they involve themselves in many extension activities through Lions Club, NSS, Youth Welfare Activities and Career Guidance Cell etc.


Faculty members make themselves available till 5.30 P.M and the students freely approach the teachers to clear their doubts. Teachers guide them to improve their skills, knowledge and talents. Students are given proper guidance regarding their higher education or getting jobs. Personal counseling is also given to the students on need basis. Financial stress is also identified through counseling and with the help of the faculty members such strain is relieved from the students. Students who do not realize their abilities and talents are also identified and motivated through counseling. As a result students are able to achieve University Ranks.

Two days Faculty development programme was conducted for our college teachers in 2003 and the faculty members Dr.G.Meenakshi, Dr.S.Ramuthai and Dr.S.Padmini attended and benefited. Dr.S.Ramuthai availed the F.I.P Programme for Ph.D from 04.01.2001 to 27.03.2002 during UGC IX Plan period. Dr.G.Meenakshi and Dr.S.Padmini availed F.I.P programme for Ph.D from 05.07.2005 to 31.03.2007 during UGC X Plan period. Dr.A.Rukmani availed F.I.P programme for Ph.D from 11.12.2009 to 10.12.2011 during UGC XI Plan period.

Dr.G.Meenakshi, Dr.S.Ramuthai, Dr.S.Padmini and Dr.A.Rukmani have done question paper setting for Major and Ancillary Chemistry for the affiliated colleges under Alagappa University and other autonomous colleges. All of them had acted as the Chief Superintendent of our college for Alagappa University Examinations. The activities of the Chemistry Association are organized by the faculty members every year.

Dr.G.Meenakshi is the Member of Board of studies for Chemistry Major (CBCS) in Alagappa University, Karaikudi (2011). Dr.G.Meenakshi is Chairman of Board of studies for Chemistry Major (CBCS) in Alagappa University, Karaikudi (2014).Dr.S.Ramuthai is the Member of Board of studies for Chemistry Major (CBCS) in Alagappa University, Karaikudi (2014). Dr.S.Ramuthai is the Chairman of Board of studies for Chemistry Major (CBCS) in Alagappa University, Karaikudi (2017). Dr.S.Padmini is the Member of Board of studies for Chemistry Major (CBCS) in Alagappa University, Karaikudi (2017).


The course was affiliated with the strength of 24 students in 1965. Later on the number of applications were received at a greater ratio and the demand increased. Being the only women’s college an additional strength of 8+4+4 was sanctioned. The number of students admitted was increased even up to 50.Nearly 75% of the students are coming from villages of this locality those who cannot afford more money towards education, prefer our institution. In the present trends the availability of many women’s colleges in this region has brought for the decreasing trend in the strength of students. In the current year 106 students of B.Sc Chemistry comprising 47 in III year,41 in II year and 33 in I year and 80 students of B.Sc Botany and Zoology I year are in the programme of study.

After the affiliation to Alagappa University Curriculum has been changed and a compulsory paper in Environmental studies has been introduced along with a project based on field visit. This subject is handled by the faculty member and under the guidance of the faculty members the students perform the project work.

Lecture method of teaching is substantiated by their self-learning. Students learn through books in the library (General and Development). They use computers and internets to be aware of the recent developments. Students learn through demonstrated experiments and by performing experiments of their own. The above mentioned resources are made available to the students. The students from rural area with Tamil as medium of instruction face difficulties in the beginning of the course. To overcome the difficulties Tamil medium books are made available to the students.

The students participated and presented papers in the seminars and took active part in the celebrations of the department. Invited lectures by the faculty members of nearby colleges have been arranged frequently. With the guidance received from School of Chemistry, Alagappa University, we are able to carry out project work under COSIP. Invited lectures had been given by the faculty members of the Department of Chemistry to our students.

Our faculty members regularly attend the Seminars and Workshops organized by Department of School of Chemistry, Alagappa University, Karaikudi.

The students under the supervision of the faculty members performed a project work on “Water Analysis” under COSIP UGC IX Plan. Periodical Analysis of water samples in and around Pallathur and Water samples from the pilgrim centres like Avudayar Kovil Temple, Kundrakudi, Pillaiarpatti and Kailasanathar Temple have been performed.

The faculty members involved themselves in the co-curricular activities every year. Students performed many activities with rural women and school children under extension activities. Students of different schools visited the exhibition organized in the Department of Chemistry. Our students taught chemistry to the students of IX std., R.M.M.Girls High School, Pallathur. Experiments and analysis were demonstrated in the laboratory by our students to the students of X std. Students of IX & X Std from Ragavendra Matriculation School visited our laboratory and our students demonstrated the tests and explained the functioning of equipment.

Rural Women from Veeramuthupuram with our students attended a training programme and learnt to prepare home made products like soaps, candles and washing powder etc. This programme was jointly arranged by JSS, Kundrakudi, Krishi vighyam Kendra and the Extension acticities, NLM and Department of Chemistry of our college.

Students have taken active part in the cultural activities, talent oriented and skill oriented activities in our institution and participated in the intercollegiate activities conducted by other colleges and Alagappa University, Karaikudi. Many of them are awarded prizes.

Students of our Department have been well placed as Scientists, Officers in Banks, Sub-Inspectors, Teachers in School and Arts Colleges and Professional Colleges.

The knowledge and skill acquired during the course make them placed in schools as teachers and project assistants and apprentice in CECRI over a period of years.

It is proposed to carryout projects. Though knowledge acquired and research experience gained by the faculty member innovative and scientific programmes can be conducted for the students. Many opportunities can be made available for the students so as to get job opportunities. Attempt can be done to make use of the available sources in this region so as to help the society and service can be extended for rural development to make the institution and the society wealthier one.


The certificate course programme is launched in our department from academic year 2018 onwards. The programmes are Water analysis, Food preservation and processing methods. The water analysis programme is conducted for our faculty students and Food preservation and processing methods course is conducted for chemistry and zoology major students.


• No. of. Books available : 200
• Previous Years Syllabi
• University Question papers
• Hard copies of study materials available for all subject code papers.
• Internet facility with printer
• Book reading room

The Chemistry Faculty

M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Ed., PGDCA., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor & HOD (I/C) of Chemistry
Teaching & Research Experience : 25 years (Till date 30.04.2019)

M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Ed.,PGDCA., Ph.D
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Teaching & Research Experience : 22 years.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Teaching & Research Experience : 12Years 1Month & 6Years (Till date 30.04.2019)

M.Sc., SET., (Ph.D)
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Teaching & Research Experience: 9 months (Till date 30.04.2019)

  • The Department has adequate facilities for carrying out active practical work.
  • The Laboratory is well equipped with all facilities.
  • Separate store room is available to keep all the apparatus and chemicals.
  • First aid box is available.
  • Distributed safety coats and goggles for the students.
  • Centralized LPG Gas connection.
  • Fire extinguisher is available (Cylinder is properly filled by every 6 months).
  • Generator is available in our lab.
  • In addition to that the Department is equipped with sophisticated instruments such as
    • Hot air oven
    • Laboratory Centrifuge
    • Distilled water plant
    • Suction pumps
    • Mechanical Shaker
    • Electronic Balance with accuracy (0.01,0.0001)
    • Weighing balance
    • Physical balance
    • Heater
    • Magnetic Stirrer
    • Water bath
    • Wooden tables with Cupboard
    • Potentiometer
    • Conductivity bridge
    • Colorimeter

The chemistry department in Seethalakshmi Achi College is unique. It is the first department with all the faculty members with Ph.D. Degree. They have research expertise in various fields and their thrust area of research include Electrochemistry, Textile Chemistry, Dyes, Corrosion, Fuel cell, Nano chemistry etc. The department offers a unique collection of chemistry major books for under graduate students. It includes Traditional chemistry, Chemical research, Bio chemistry, Chemical biology , Industrial Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Nano Chemistry, Computer Applications, Green Chemistry etc- that enable the students to tailor their educational experience towards their interest and carrier goals.

  • Highly qualified, well experienced and Dedicative Teachers in the department are moulding the students by giving a wholesome education and make them shine in their life.
  • The department is furnished with well-equipped laboratories which facilitate to reinforce the theoretical knowledge imparted to the students through practical demonstrations and develop their skill by conducting experiments.
  • A separate library being maintained in the department with a useful collection of about 200 books to help the students to update and enrich their knowledge.
  • Coaching classes were conducted for all the students based on their caliber.
  • Students admitted with minimum eligibility are able to get their degree with first class.


  • Unit wise internal examination system is followed.
  • Three model examinations are also conducted.
  • This system is very helpful to the students for their University examination.
  • Our department produces very good percentage of results every year.
  • The faculty retains the pride of producing University Ranks. It adds to the glory of the department that under Alagappa University our students are getting many University Ranks successively every year.
  • The students are moulded with thirst for knowledge, self-confidence, tolerance, self-discipline and courage to meet out their challenges in their life.
  • The faculty motivates the students with lack of interest and involvement at their entry level. The interest and involvement developed in the students through motivation made them to get the degree with high marks and even to specialize in this field.
  • The remarkable performance of the students has enabled them to be “Placed as Analyst in the nearby Industries, as Project Assistant in CECRI, as Teachers and Lecturers in High schools, Higher Secondary Schools and Poly-Technic colleges in the nearby educational institutions.
  • The faculties train the students in preparing Home appliances and enable them to become entrepreneurs.
  • Drinking water sample in and around our locality has been analyzed periodically both in summer and rainy seasons by our students. Even for the public whoever approaches, the analysis is done at free of cost .This useful work is not only benefits the society, but also increases the job opportunities of the students. Students gain enough experimental knowledge and get proper training of how to conduct an analysis.
  • With thanks to Almighty and pride the faculty reports that water available in our campus is best suited for drinking purpose through the analysis carried out.
  • After the semester results we are conducting Parents meeting regularly.
  • Every year we take the students for educational tours to various historical places.
  • We conduct quiz programmes regularly to enrich their knowledge.
  • We have Chemistry Association and we conduct many programmes like Paper presentation, Guest lectures etc.
  • Our students help the poor school Students.
  • The faculty members offer financial assistance to the needy students.
  • The faculty expands the knowledge of the students both in the subject and in general which builds their character, strengthens their minds and makes them stand on their own legs.

In Total the faculty provides education in all dimensions.

  • The students were struggled to get pass in the semester examination because their medium of school education was in Tamil. The students were given enough practices to know the Tamil and English version of the terms used in chemistry. They have been provided with Tamil medium materials and Tamil medium chemistry books to study the tough portions. This methodology provided a supporting platform for weak students to develop confidence and capable to compete with English medium students.
  • Students were split into groups according to their calibre. Group leaders were trained to support the weak students by giving special attention. The group leaders supported the weak students by their peer group guidance. The staff members volunteered themselves and monitored the peer group’s team work. The beneficiaries of our department thanked their group leaders in farewell party and complete the degree successfully. The department result was maintained 90 % and above every year.
  • Students were practiced to write an essay question every day either in the forenoon and afternoon session. They were instructed to concentrate more on frequently asked university questions. Finally they were practiced to write unit test for all the five units and three model examinations in the pattern 3+2+5.This special coaching helped them to improve their performance in university examination.
  • Department organizes quiz programmes to improve the knowledge in chemistry. The programme awakened their mind and kindered to learn more about chemistry.
  • The students were awarded with prizes in college day celebration for their regular attendance. They have developed punctuality, hard work and responsibilities.
  • The paper presentation programme organized in our and other colleges provided a platform to improve their thirst about recent developments in chemistry. They developed knowledge of using Network and Preparing PowerPoint presentation etc. They developed good communication skill and audible presentation without any inhibition. Some of our students were awarded for their best performance in State level and National level seminars.
  • .
  • To develop Entrepreneurial culture in the minds of dynamic youth, programmes were organized every year to prepare home made products etc., Students were to prepare home made products and to run small projects at home in minimum budget. Stuical knowledge to prepare nutritious sweets, juices, cookies, milk shakes and herbal powders and marketing methods.




Our students were always participating in various activity and present papers in our college and also in other colleges. K .Mohana III.B.Sc. Chemistry, R.Kausalya III.B.Sc Chemistry, R.Karthika II. B.Sc. Chemistry P.Gokila & M.Nasreen Banu of I.B.Sc. Chemistry Presented paper on Green Chemistry in the State Level Seminar conducted by Department of Chemistry, Ananda College, Devakottai under the able guidance of Dr.G.Meenakshi, Dr.S.Padmini, Dr.A.Rukmani, & Dr.S.Chitra. P.Gokila and R. Kausalya were awarded prize for their best performance.


National Level Association of Chemistry Teacher Test in Chemistry 2014was conducted on 20.01.2014 for all students of chemistry department. Dr.G.Meenakshi appreciated the participants and awarded prize for high scorer in each class.


T.Priya of III.B.Sc. Chemistry was selected by TCS Company. She was the only student selected by TCS company. She honoured our department as well as our college with her own effort.

The final year students participated in the campus interview organized by Placement cell, Alagappa University, Karaikudi on 19.02.2014.for the post of Public Relation Manager in Integrated India Enterprises Ltd. D.Revathi, K.Umadevi and K.Roja of III. B.Sc. Chemistry were selected for group discussion & Interview.

Our students were participated in the quiz and elocution competition in the Science Awareness programme organized by Ladies Forum, CECRI, Karaikudi on 05.03.2014. R.Karthika and K.Arokkyamari got prize in quiz competition.



1.V.Jansirani of (2010-2013 batch) our department was honoured with a cash award of Rs 3000/ for securing high percentage marks in B.Sc. Chemistry Examination. The award was given by the Director, Aadidravidar NallaIyakakam, Chennai.
2. K.Arokkyamari & R.Karthika of III.B.Sc. Chemistry have participated in the quiz competition under ANCHOR 2k15 ON 13.02.15 organized by Alagappa Institute of Management, Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
3. N.Sowndharya II.B.Sc. Chemistry has awarded II Prize in the Elocution competition conducted on 14.02.15. at Kamban Manimandapam, Karaikudi.
4. M.NasreenBanu II .B.Sc. Chemistry was awarded III Prize in the competition conducted for evaluation of book and poem recitation.
5. N.Sowndharya II.B.Sc., Chemistry was awarded II Prize in Elocution competition in the Valedictory function of book exhibition function 2015 at Kamban Manimandapam, Karaikudi.
6. S.Shanthipriya III.B.Sc. Chemistry has passed “B” certificate Examination in NCC held in the year 2014.
7. S.Ilakkiya III.B.Sc Chemistry has been selected as University player for Ball Badminton. She was awarded I prize in Ball Badminton & II Prize for Valley Ball in the Annual sports for valley Ball in the Annual Sports meet held on Feb 2015 at our College.
8. N.Sowndharya II.B.Sc Chemistry was awarded II prize in the oratorical competition on the theme science for Nation Building on the eve of National Science Day celebration organized by the Faculty of Science, Alagappa University on Feb 28th 2015.

PLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIES K.Arokkyamari, R.Karthika & R.Rajalakshmi of III. B.Sc. Chemistry were selected and got appointment order for the post of Marketing Executive from Indian School of Science & Management,(Partnered with Bharathi University) Chennai.

The students of III.B.Sc. Chemistry have attended special programme “After Graduation?” Organized by KIT & KIM on 06.02.2015. The programme provided a platform to do higher studies in Management studies.

V.Divya and S.Shanthipriya III.B.Sc. Chemistry attended the meeting organized under the scheme unemployed youth employment Generation Programme (UYEGP) Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme at Mavatta Thozhilmaiyyam, Sivagangai. The meeting created awareness about the availability of various self- employment scheme and financial assistance from Bank sector. The students were self motivated to become an entrepreneur without being reserve themselves for job opportunity in private and public sectors.P.Dhivya, T.DhivyaBharathi, S.Priyanka & B.HameeduNisha of III.B.Sc Chemistry were attended coaching classes at Alagappa University, Karaikudi under UGC coaching scheme for entry into service.



The following nine students have attended a one day National conference on “அப்துல்கலாம் என்னும் அற்புதசக்தி” at mother Teresa college of Education, Pudukkottai on 15.09.2015 presented papers on various topics. Dr.S.Padmini, associate

Professor of chemistry attended the conference.

• மாணவர்களின்ஊக்கசக்தி N.Sowndarya III.B.Sc.Chemistry
• ஆசிரியர்பணியில்கலாமின்பங்கு AR.Mageshwari III.B.Sc.Chemistry
• சமூகசேவையில்கலாமின்பங்கு M.NasreenBanu III.B.Sc.Chemistry
• Abdulkalam is Wonderful Energetic R.Anitha III.B.Sc.Chemistry
• அப்துல்கலாம்ஒருஅற்புதசக்தி T.Veeraselvalakshmi III.B.Sc.Chemistry
• அப்துல்கலாம்ஒருஅற்புதசக்தி K.Preethiga III.B.Sc.Chemistry
• கணவுகாணுங்கள்என்ற சொல்லினால்இளைஞர்களின் ஏற்ப்பட்டதாக்கம் A.Alagupandi I.B.Sc.Chemistry
• மாணவர்களின்ஊக்க்சக்தி M.Sivagami I.B.Sc.Chemistry
• Contribution of Dr.APJ. Abdul Kalam to Science And Technology

L .K.Sowmiya I.B.Sc.Chemistry QUIZ Quiz competition in the field of chemistry was conducted on 22.02.2016. The participants and audiences responded well to all questions. This programme created awareness and motivated the students to learn more about chemistry.

III year: The following students have attended the quiz competition on “Nuclear chemistry” conducted by Sri Sevugan Annamalai college, Devakottai on 29.06.2016.

1.N.Sowndharya III.B.Sc.Chemistry
2.A.Kalaiselvi III.B.Sc.Chemistry
3.M.Ramamani III.B.Sc.Chemistry
Students have participated in various competition conducted by Tamil Nadu Govt. Tourism Board on 30.09.15, titled “ NOORU KODI SUTRULAPAYANIGAL NOORU KODI VAIPUGAL • J.Jensika III.B.Sc.Chemistry - Drawing Competition-I Prize
• S.Lakshmi III.B.Sc.Chemistry
• N.Sowndarya III.B.Sc. Chemistry-Participated In Essay Competition
• N.Sowndarya III.B.Sc. Chemistry has Participated in Elocution on the topic
Title “தொடுவானம்தூரத்தில்இல்லை at Srisevugan Annamalai College, Devakottai.
• P.Deepaof II.B.Sc. Chemistry has participated in the Relay Race conducted by Alagappa University Karaiudi.


As part of our Association activity a quiz programme was held on 31.08.2016 to enrich the knowledge in the field of chemistry. The participants were enlightened and the programme kindled them to do higher studies in chemistry. The winners were awarded with prizes.


National seminar on “Current Trends in Nanomaterials for Various applications(NSNVA2017) was organized by department of chemistry Ananda College ,Devakottai. Fifty students and two staff members Dr.A.Rukmani & Dr.S.Vigneswari were participated in the programme.

Dr.S.Vigneswari presented paper on the topic “ A study on the impact of non-aqueous salt mixtures treatment on the fiber matrix and dyeing behavior of Polyester/ cotton – A hybrid composite fiber” All the three year students of our department presented paper on the following topics.

1.Antimicrobial Textiles: an overview
R. Aishwarya I B.Sc. Chemistry

2.Biomaterials: An Overview
K. Bhavani I B.Sc. Chemistry

3.Fabrication Of Antimicrobial Textiles
AR.Rijitha I B.Sc. Chemistry

4.Biomaterials & Its Applications:
M.Panimozhi & P.Raja Lakshmi I B.Sc. Chemistry
5.Renewable Source: Solar Energy
S.Raja Lakshmi & R.BhanushaAnandhi I B.Sc. Chemistry

6.Nanotechnology And Its Applications
U.Knagavalli & R.PriyaDharsini I B.Sc. Chemistry

7.Bio Sensors: An Overview
A.Azhagupandi IIB.Sc. Chemistry
8.Nanochemistry:An Overview
M.Sivagami II B.Sc. Chemistry

9.Textile Chemistry
P.Priyanga III B.Sc. Chemistry

D.Srinandhini III B.Sc. Chemistry

11.Green Nano Technology
T.Kalpana III B.Sc. Chemistry

S.Vidya III B.Sc. Chemistry

A.Azhagupandi II B.Sc. Chemistry was awarded prize for the best performance in paper presentation.


A.Azhagupandi II B.SC. Chemistry was awarded with shield for her best performance in the work shop on “Digital India” conducted by Alagappa University, Karaikudion20.09.2016. Sixteen Students have presented paper on National Science Day celebration held on 02.03.17.The Chief Guest Dr.SheelaBerkman CSIR Scientist encouraged the participants and awarded prizes. Eight Students of I & II B.Sc Chemistry presented paper in Department of Information Technology on 04.03.17. 2017-18
State level students inter collegiate Meet-2018 at Ananda College, Devakottai

Sixty four students of B.Sc., Chemistry along with staff Dr.S.Vigneswari, Assistant professor and Lab Assistant Mr.K.Dineshkibson participated in state level students inter collegiate Meet-2018 organized by the Department of Chemistry, Ananda college, Devakottai on 19.1.2018.Students were participated in many competitions. 8 students participated in oral presentation.10 students participated in poster presentation. Mr.k.Shakthivel, Professor, controller of Examination, Alagappa University, distributed the certificates to prize winners & participant students. The programme ended well.

Quiz competition in the field of chemistry was conducted on 31.1.2018. The participants of the competition and Audiences responded well to all Questions. The programme created awareness about the development of science and Technology and motivated them to learn more & more about recent developments in chemistry.

The quiz competition on General chemistry was conducted on 14.09.2018. The five team of students from first, second and third year participated in the programme and answered well to all questions. The programme created an awareness on various unknown facts and instigated them to learn more about depth of Chemistry. The contributions of Noble Laureates of Chemistry were discussed in the programme. The brief assessment programme used to measure the subject knowledge, abilities and skills of an individual promoted others also to volunteer them to most number of questions. Totally the quiz programme imbibed the seeds “Why, What & How” on every participants. The team winners were awarded and special prizes were given to responded audience.


The students volunteered to do paper presentation on few important topics. Totally sixteen students presented paper on the topic Spectroscopy, Biopolymers, Bio fuels, Green chemistry and Environment Protection. The participants were encouraged for their contribution on the most important topics and motivated to do more presentation for the development of their skills. The participants were awarded with special prize



The students and staff members Dr.G.Meenakshi, Dr.A.Rukmani & Dr.S.Chitra have participated in the celebration of World Ocean Day organized by School of Marine Science, Department of Oceanography and Coastal area studies, Alagappa university, Thondi campus on 07.08.2014. Dr.Stella Head, Department of Oceanography delivered welcome address and explained the scope of Marine Science. Dr.Manickavasam, Registrar(i/c) of Alagappa Univeristy delivered inaugural address. The staff members of Department of Oceanography presented lectures and exhibited their specimens. The students and staff members noted various rare specimens. Dr.Stella created an awareness about oceanography and scope for doing higher studies and research in this field. The Programme was organized by Department of Chemistry and Department of Zoology.


The students of III.B.Sc Chemistry and staff member have gone to Madurai on 25.09.2014 as field visit under the Skill based subject Heritage and Tourism. We worshipped the goddess Meenakshi and Lord Siva at Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple and Lord Muruga at Palamuthirsolai at Alagarkoil. We enjoyed the sculptures in the temple and visited Gandhi Museum and Thirumalai Naickar Mahal an important place in Madurai. The students developed a real experience about the maintenance of Heritage spots. The programme developed unity among students and leadership qualities.


III B.Sc., chemistry students attended three days training programme at KVK- Kundrakudi from 16.8.17 to 18.8.2017.The inaugural function started at 10 am, Dr.S.Sendurkumaran professor& head of Institution delivered the welcome speech. Special lectures were delivered after the tea break.

Dr.Alagappan assistant professor gave a speech about fresh water fish culture pond, ornamental fish culture and apiculture. Afternoon session students were visited Azolla Nursery.

The next day Dr.PG.Thenmozhi assistant professor explained about the preparation of homemade products. Afternoon session students were visited to Home science lab. She explained, the preservation of food products and marketing methods. Students were gathered lot of information.

Report on Educational Tour 2017-2018

Excursion and Tour play an essential part on the development of the personality of a student. Strongly believing in this, the Department of chemistry organized a tour this Academic year for 1 day on 23.8.2017. On 23rd September early morning the team reached Rameshwaram. They enjoyed the scene of sunrise in the early morning in the Ramanathaswamy temple. There are 22 tirthas shrines around the shine of Rameshwaram temple.

At 8am we reached Ramarpatham. This situated about 20km away from Dhanushkodi. The temple is believed to have foot prints of lord ram himself. The team visited this place. Dhanushkodi is an abandoned town at the state of Tamilnadu in India. It is situated in the south east of Pamban and is about 18 miles(29km) west of Talaimannar in Srilanka. The town was destroyed due to cyclone in 1964.The students enjoyed this spot.

We visited Dr.A.P.J.Abdulkalam Memorial at peikarumbu in Rameswaram. The students were inspired the simplicity of former president of India. Dr.Kalam inspired the youth of India. The copies of ‘Bible’ and ‘Quran’ placed along side by side in a wooden piece engraved with ‘Bhagavad Gita’ Near the wooden statue of Former president.

We visited Vivekananda memorial at Rameswaram kunthukal beach.Kunthukal beach is located in a small fishing village and the nearest islands ground Rameswaram from this beach.The students so excited and enjoyed in the museum .Next visited to Pamban Bridge is a railway bridge which connects the town of Rameswaram on Pamban island to mainland.

We visited to Ariyaman beach or kushi beach. It is considered as one of the best beaches in south India. This is the most peculiar feature of this beach. The students were enjoyed the moment.

CMFRI Aquarium:

The mandapam regional Centre of central marine fisheries Research institute at mandapam. The regional Centre of CMFRI is one of the premier institutions for R&D. The museum which contains a large variety of preserved marine specimens is truly out of this world. The marine museum of this Centre is one of the biggest in south east Asia. In the museum there are about 1100 species of fisher, 152 sponges, 180 corals, 200 tube dwelling worms, 220 crabs and hermit crabs, 125 prauns, 370 seashells that are displayed or exhibited in the museum. Students interacted with the staff members and collected information.

Thus the trip was very useful in enriching the knowledge of the students in the curriculum being studied.

The next day Dr. A.Alagu Durai gave effective speech on vermi compost unit. He explained about the usefulness of recent natural fertilizers to farmers and its manufacturing methods &commercial sales techniques also. He explained about various types of soil and the procedures too. Afternoon session students were visited soil lab and learnt to know about equipments. The validictory function was started at 4’o clock. Vote of thanks was given by Dr.A.Rukmani on behalf of department of chemistry, SA College, Pallathur. Mr. Senthilnathan MP distributed the certificates to the students and programme ended well.

The final year students were permitted to visit CECRI (CENTRAL ELECTROCHEMICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE) Karaikudi on 25.09.2018. Students observed so many new innovations and experienced with the functioning of some instruments. They visited electrochemical and organic research laboratories and noted the working of new instruments. They got awareness about availability of research journals and chemical indexes in the field of electrochemistry, Textile and organic chemistry. The great opportunity provided by CECRI opened the mind of youths to do higher studies and research.


The students of III. B.Sc Chemistry were accompanied by faculty members to visit to the tourism spot Rameshwaram on 05.10.2018 as field visit programme based on Skill Based Subject(7SBS5A5) Heritage and Tourism. The programme started with the sun rise at Agni thirtham in the early morning and they continued the journey to Ramar Patham where, they enjoyed the nature and spent a long time to feel the sense of peace. The next programme was at DhanushKodi, which is situated at the south eastern tip of Pamban island. They continued our enjoyment and had a calm and rejuvenating walk on the beach. The students played so many olden days games that replicates the green memories and make them to spent their long time on the seashore. We noticed some of the after storm remnants such as portoffice, postoffice, catholic church and railway tracks.

They visited the Dr.A.P.J .Abdul Kalam memorial at Peikarumbu, an important site for each citizen of India to visit and imbibe the valuable quotes, paintings, photos of Dr.A.P.J.Kalam. The place created a calmness in the minds of young youth and triggered them to choose the right direction in the next coming situation. We visited the Vivekananda’s memorial at Kunthukal near Rameshwaram. The place was pleasant and the thought provoking quotes of Swami Vivekananda created silence and provoked us do meditation. The students were permitted to go boating and they spent some time joyfully in the park and played few games remembering the childhood memories. After the lunch break we visited CMFRI (Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Mandapam) the premier institution for Research and Development. We were permitted to visit the aquarium which had varieties of fishes, sponges, corals, crabs, prawns, seashells and tortoise etc. The aquarium was the biggest in South Asia where rare species were available and provides a gateway for developing research in the field of marine science. The. Students were very much impressed with numerous varieties species and interacted the staff members for clarification of their doubts. The next programme was at Mariyamman beach where the students enjoyed a long time in the seashore . The tour programme developed patriotism ,humanity charity, adjustability in the young minds .The programme helped the student to learn more about the

Preservation of Heritage Tourism spots. They were well aware of the dedicated service of public welfare people in maintainance of Holiness.


The final students were accompanied by faculty members to the AVN Ayurveda formulation Pvt. Ltd and Hospital at Madurai on 16.02.19. The two batches of students visited the manufacturing unit and quoted control unit separately. The staff members explained the identification and sorting of medicinal plants. The plants were cleaned well, dried and adultered with essential edible ingredients to manufacture tablets, lakiyum and surname. The production was done on large scale with well-furnished machineries and boilers.The life time or detoriation of tablets were analyzed as per quality control rules to check out date expiry for the medicine. The Ayurvedic Hospital within the campus provided treatments for people suffering from ailments. The patients were treated oil massage and medication for complete cure from the diseases. The industrial visit opened the eyes of beneficiaries Ayurveda was an alternative medicine to cure prolonged diseases. The organizer Mr.Krishnan and Managing Director had spent their precious time with us and provided very good hospitality. We went to visit the important places in Madurai. We had dharshan at Thiruparam Kundram, Alagar koil.The students enjoyed some hours at Alagar koil and returned to their native place on the same day.