Entrepreneur Development cell

“Where people see problems Entrepreneurs see possibilities”. Our country is very keen in promoting its economic development. To achieve the goal of economic development, it is necessary to increase entrepreneurship both qualitatively and quantitatively in the country. It is only active and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who fully explore the potentials of the country’s available resources, labour technology and capital and use them properly for the betterment of the society. Entrepreneurs have a crucial role to play in the present scenario.

It promotes capital formation by mobilizing the idle saving of the public. It promotes balanced regional development. It helps to reduce the concentration of economic power.

Entrepreneurs exercise influence well beyond economics helping to shape political, social, environmental and cultural arenas.

Cultural arenas

In our nation approximately two-fifth of the total population are living below poverty line. In spite of various measures taken by the Government to eradicate poverty it still exists. Poverty can be eradicated only by creating more employment opportunities. This is possible only by starting more and more number of industries. So the government is insisting the importance of Entrepreneurship. Keeping these in view, Entrepreneur Development cell has been functioning in our college since 2003.


  • To create an awareness among the students about Entrepreneurship.
  • To guide the student in choosing their future carrier
  • To make the student aware of fields in which there is ample scope.

According to the instructions of Higher officials of Alagappa University start-up cell was formed in each and every department Executive council of start-up cells was formed on 10.08.2018. The council meets in the first week of every month and discuss about the activities to be done during the month. Various Activities are carried out by the start-up cells of all departments regularly during every month.

To Create an awareness among the students about Entrepreneurship an awareness campaign was organized for the benefit of all students of III Year UG, PG I and II Year and M.Phil on 29.08.2018. Mrs.AlagammaiPalaniappan M.A., M.Phil., SIKSHA CREATIVES , Sriramnagar addressed the gathering on the topic “Opportunities to become successful Entrepreneurs”. She enlightened the audience through her mind blowing and thought provoking speech. She inspired and motivated the students to start own business venture. Students gained knowledge about the new avenues of emerging trends in Entrepreneurship.

The activities carried out by start-up cells of various Departments during the Academic year 2018-19 are given below.

Department of Commerce:

The start-up cell of Department of Commerce organized an industrial visit for the benefit of Students of III B.in.

51 students of III B.in., and 2 members of the Teaching staff of Department of Commerce visited Susi Foods, Unit II ,Kalanivasal road, Karaikudi. (Manufacturer of BharathiIdiyappam Flour) on 20.09.2018. Students had an interview with the proprietor and learnt the procedure to be followed to start a small scale industry. They saw the various processes in producing Idiyappam flour.

The Start-up cell of Department of Commerce has conducted a Seminar on 26.09.2018. The proprietor of Susi Foods. Unit II, Kalanivasal Road, Karaikudi ( Manufacturer of Bharathiidiyappam flour) addressed the audience on the topic “ Strategies to succeed as an Entrepreneur”.

The Start-up cell of Department of Commerce has organized a Debate on “Whether the present Economic- Social Environment is favourable or unfavourable to MSME Entrepreneurs” on 27.09.2018 in which the students of Commerce are the participants. Dr.R. Nageswari , Asso. Professor and Head, Department of Economics of our College, presided over the function and gave judgement. Start-up cell of Department of Commerce organized a meeting on 29.01.2019.Selvi.M.Ramya, B.E., M.B.A Proprietor, Muthu oil Mills, Periyakottai delivered a lecture on “Opportunities available to budding Entrepreneurs”. She inspired the students through her motivating speech.

Department of Chemistry:

The Start-up cell of Department of Chemistry conducted a training programme on “Preparation of Washing Powder, Cleaning Powder and Food Products” on 26.09.2018. Dr. P.G. Thenmozhi , Assistant Professor, ICAR-KVK, TANUVAS, Kundrakudi trained the Students in the preparation of Washing Powder, Cleaning Powder and Food Products.

Start-up cell of Department of chemistry organized a special meeting on 25.02.19. Mr.V.Srinivasakrishnan, Marketing Manager, AVN Ayurvedic formulations Pvt Ltd, Madurai was the chief guest and he delivered a lecture on “Marketing of Ayurvedic Products”. He also explained opportunities available to young graduates to become successful entrepreneurs in future.

Department of English:

On behalf of start-up cells, a motivation programme was conducted by the Department of English and Research Centre on the topic “Communicative English and its Scope for Entrepreneur” on 18.09.2018. MS.K.Manjula, Asst Prof of English, Dr.Umayal Ramanathan College for Women, delivered a motivational lecture. She explained that there are many opportunities for the English Literature students to become successful Entrepreneurs. She had clearly highlighted that there are various avenues such as Medical Transcriptors and project Editors. They can run tuition centre and spoken English classes even being at home. Thus she has created an awareness among the students to create self – employment rather than waiting for employment under government sectors.

Department of Economics:

Inaugural function of Start-up Cell of Department of Economics was held on 17th September 2018. Dr.S.Ramuthai, Principal, inaugurated the programme and gave felicitation. Dr. R. Elizabethrani, Asst professor, Department of Economics welcomed the gathering.

Mrs.Kaleeswari and Mrs.Gomathi were the Chief Guests. They gave training to the students about how to make jewels like bangles, earrings by using silk thread . I B.in and III B.A Economics students participated and benefited Dr.D.Suja, Asst. Professor Proposed vote of Thanks.

Department of Economics organized one day programme on Entrepreneurship Development on 28.02.2019.Dr.S.Ramuthai, Principal, inaugurated the programme and gave felicitation address . Dr.R.Nageswari, HOD of Economics welcomed the gathering.

Chief guest Mrs.T.MariyaRanjitham , Head and treasurer, Porkuviyal women self Help Group, Karaikudi, has given training to the students in jewel making. Finally, Mrs.Viji III B.A Economics, she gave vote of thanks.

Department of History:

The Inaugural function of the Start- up cell of department of History was held on 28.09.2018.

The Chief Guest of the meeting was Mrs. R.M. Unnamalai Entrepreneur, Kala foods, Subramaniapuram Extension, Karaikudi. Dr.S.Ramuthai, Principal of our college inaugurated the function. Dr.V.Roja, HOD of History welcomed and honoured the Chief Guest.

Chief Guest Mrs.RM.Unnamalai spoke about her emergence of idea to start the business and her experiences in the business. Also she asked the students to visit her business place to know more about the same. I, II& III B.A History students Participated and benefited by her ideas. Mrs.R.S.Santhi, Asst. Professor of History proposed vote of Thanks.

Department of Botany:

Students studying B.Sc Botany together with their faculty members visited Kuilthuoppu Nursery Garden near Kundrakudi on 27.09.2018. Nursery is a portion of agriculture where plants are propagated, nurtured, grown and sold out to home garden on commercial purpose. Under favourable conditions, improved quality seedlings are grown until they are prepared for planting on a small scale or in big scale. Kitchen Garden

Growing Vegetables in the backyard of house to meet the vegetable demand of the house is called kitchen garden. They offer vegetable and greens for kitchen use.


The Cultivation of plants that give economic flowers is called floriculture. They are grown in commercial scale to meet flower demands of markets, Rose, Hybrid Rose, Malligai, Mullai, Jathimalli, chrysanthemum, Neerium are grown in large scales in this garden.

By visiting kuilthoppu Nursery Garden our students and staff members have learnt more about nursery garden and how start a nursery on commercial basis.

Department of Zoology:

Poultry farming means raising various types of domestic birds commercially for the purpose of meat, eggs and feather production. Chicken’s products are the major source of animal protein. Small scale of poultry production is fulfil the animal nutrition demand for a family. But large scale or commercial basis poultry farming offer an opportunity for the people to earn big amount of money. Poultry farming is a suitable and highly profitable business for the students of Zoology. Successful poultry farming business involves lots of knowledge and training. So we arranged III B.Sc Zoology students to visit poultry farm at KVK,Kundrakudi on 12.10.18.Dr.V.Kumaravel gave detail about poultry farming especially for the beginners. Students also visit the poultry farm and noted the required equipments like feeders, cages, incubator, egg tray , lighting instruments, producers ventilation system and waste disposable system. Students were benefited by this field visit .Followed by the field visit our Department conducted a start-up cell meeting on 13.10.18 at Zoology Hall.Dr.S.SendurKumaran Professor &Head and his team namely Dr.Thenmozhi, Dr.V.Kumaravel Asst Prof, KVK, Kundrakudi spoke about job opportunity available in private sector related to poultry industries and explained about how to form the poultry farm. Students were benefited by arrange the meeting.

Start-up cell of all departments joined together and organized “SAC Students Bazaar” on 02.02.2019.It was inaugurated by Dr.P.Veeramani Assistant Professor, Department of women studies, AlagappaUniversity, Karaikudi. Students from all departments participated in the Bazaar and sold their products like handicrafts, showcase pieces, Dolls, Ornaments and food products. Though this experience they learnt how to develop marketing skills and importance of earning money for their livelihood.

Start-up cell of Dept of Zoology and Botany jointly organized “Traditional food festival” on 19.02.2019. Chief guest Mr.S.Selvam , Food Safety Officer inaugurated the Traditional food Festival. He addressed the students about the Nutritional value of Traditional food using millets and how they can prepare and sell them to earn their livelihood. To create an awareness about the use of millets in food and the opportunities available to young students to become future entrepreneurs the above function was organized. Students of Botany and Zoology sold their products in the festival and through the experience, they learnt marketing skills and they realize the importance of money and how they can earn money for their livelihood

Department of Mathematics:

Start-up cell of Department of Mathematics organized a training programme for the benefit of students on 21.01.2019. Mr.K.Balasubramanian , Manager, SVGV Training centre ,Trainer RTC, Programme officer –HRD project and Technical officer ,NRDC, New Delhi gave training to the students on “Preparation of Sanitary products”.

The start-up cell of Departments of Mathematics, Commerce with C.A and B.Sc IT jointly conducted a seminar on 20.09.2018. Miss N.Mallika, M.in., M.Phil., P.R.N Computer Centre , Pallathur

Addressed the audience on “Role of an Entrepreneur in the Economic development of a Nation”. She shared her experience in starting the computer centre, difficulties faced by her and how she overcome the problems and raised to this present high position .She inspired the students through her motivating talk.

Start-up cells of Departments of commerce &Mathematics jointly organized a meeting for the benefit of students on 08.03.19.Dr.Velmurugan, senior and Head ,KVK,Kattupakkam , Chennai, Dr.S.Senthoorkumaran ,Senior Scientist and Head, KVK, Kundrakudi and Dr.PG.Thenmozhi, Scientist, KVK, Kundrakudi addressed the gathering on “Opportunities available to young Graduates”. It was highly informative and useful.

Entrepreneur development cell of our college has organized a field visit for the benefit of III year UG students to Rural Training centre at Amaravathypudhur on 24.8.17. 40 students of III year UG from various discipline with 3 members of teaching staff visited Rural Training centre at Amaravathypudhur. It offers training in various courses such as tailoring, cell phone repair, handicrafts etc and it is sponsored by Indian overseas bank. Students gained much by visiting the institute.

Mrs. R.S. Shanthi , Asst Prof of history and Dr. Mrs .V. pradeepa, Asst Prof in zoology participated in the faculty development programme organized by the PMO-IEDP from 13th september2017 to 15th September 2017 at Alagappa university, karaikudi.

Four Students participated in the PMO-IEDP programme conducted by Alagappa university karaikudi from 5.10.17 to 6.10.17 .

An awareness campaign on entrepreneurship was conducted to the students of III year UG on 6.10.17.Mrs.G.Alamelu M.sc physics senior manager, IOB who is acting as Director, Rural Training centre, Amaravathipudhur addressed the gathering. She explained how one can become a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur development cell organized SAC students Bazaar on 30.12.17 .Students from various discipline sold food products and handicrafts through stalls and they exposed their skills and talents.

ED cell of our college and women welfare development organization, Tamilnadu Jointly organized college Bazaar in our college on 22.02.18 and 23.02.18. Women self help groups from various districts participated in the Bazaar and sold their products in the college Bazaar.

To create awareness among the students Entrepreneur development cell organised SAC students Bazaar on 06.01.2017 and 07.01.2017.

Mrs.VisalakshiAnanthapadmanaban, member, college committee Seethalakshmi Achi college for Women, Pallathur, inaugurated SAC students Bazaar. Students sold food products and handicrafts through stalls and they exposed their skills and talents.

Eighty two students from various disciplines participated in the career planning competition 2016-2017(UG final year) which was conducted by Achi institute of management & Entrepreneurial development (AIMED). From those 82 students who participated in the competition. 11 students were selected for final competition. Final competition was conducted in Madurai. In the final competition, they explained what they want to become in future. The members of the teaching staff Mrs. L.N. Usha, Associate professor of commerce and Dr. Mrs.V.Pradeepa Assistant professor of zoology accompanied the students who participated in the final competition

Entrepreneurial development cell of our college conducted a one day motivation-cum- training program on 06.01.2016 in our college. Dr P.G Thenmozhi, Assistant professor, krishivigyan Kendra , kundrakudi presided over the function and delivered a lecture on the topic “Role of entrepreneur in the economic development of our Nation” and she explained the opportunities available under self employment schemes and how they can avail the opportunities , during morning session. In the afternoon session training was given to the students to prepare eatables by using millet, ragi etc.

To create an awareness among the students entrepreneur development cell organised SAC Bazaar programme on 29.01.2016, students sold food products and handicrafts through stalls and they exposed their skills and talents.

Entrepreneur Development cell organised a training programme to create an awareness among the students about self employment opportunities on 15.02.2016. Dr P.G.Thenmozhi Assistant professor ,krishivigyan Kendra, kundrakudi gave training to the students of III year UG courses to prepare washing powder, cleaning powder and phenol. She taught the students how to pack and sell the products.

Students took efforts to sell the products and through this experience they know the problems faced by entrepreneurs in marketing their products.

The Inaugural function of EDP was held on 22.09.14.Dr.K.Chandrasekar, Co-ordinator of EDP centre, Algappa university , Karaikudi was the Chief guest. He delivered a lecture on the Topic “Challenges and opportunities of women Entrepreneur. It is highly informative and useful.

The Inaugural function of EDP cell of our college was held on 29.01.2013.Dr.R.DHARMALINGAM, Director, Skill Development centre, Karaikudi & Mr.R.Rajkumar, Marketing Co-ordinator, IL&FS Institute, Alagappa University, Karaikudi were the chief guests. They motivated the students to learn skill oriented courses like Animation, Fashion designing & Retail shop Management.

To improve the economic status of self help groups and to market the products manufactured by these groups, the Government of Tamilnadu has launched a new venture namely “College Bazaar”. Under the able guidance of Thiru V.Rajaraman I.A.S.,District Collector, Sivagangai. The Tamilnadu corporation for Development of women(Ltd),conducted college Bazaar for the first time in Sivagangai (D.t)in our college from 25.9.12 to 28.9.12.Our secretary Thiru O.A.A.Anantha Padmanabhan Chettiar was kind enough to offer the maximum support to the Government officials in helping them to conduct the College Bazaar successfully more than 15 stalls were set up for marketing the products manufactured by self help groups.

It is a matter of pride that the student members of the Entrepreneur Development cell of our college were also provided with an opportunity to sell their products like washing powder, cleaning powder, toilet cleaner ,Phenol etc.

The college Bazaar was formally declared open by our esteemed secretary Thiru O.A.A.Ananthapadmanabhan lighted the ‘Kuthuvilakku’ before the actual sales commenced. The Bazzar was conducted exclusively for the staff and students of our college and was not open the public .During their leisure time, the students were permitted to purchase the product displaced. Fancy ornaments, sarees, dress materials, gift items, fashion jewellery , herbal products, cosmetics, household articles, handicrafts, chettinadu sweets, snacks and steaming hot food items attracted the attention of the buyers. The highlight of the programme was the District Collector Thiru V.Rajaraman I.A.S insisted the college Bazaar twice. During his first visit , he interacted with the members of the self groups as well as our students and elicited a lot of information about the various goods kept for sales and also enquired the students what type of items they were interested in buying most. He also spent quite some time in pointing out to the members of the self help groups how they can effectively market their goods and also offered valuable suggestion. During his second visit ,the District Collector brought a team of foreigners to visit the college Bazaar. They enjoyed spending times in various stalls and also showed interest in purchasing a few items. It was a happy coincidence that Dr.S.Vijayalakshmi, Joint Director of collegiate Education, Madurai region, Madurai during her official visit the to our college, happened to spent some time in the college Bazaar interacting with the members of the self help groups ,our students and also purchasing a few items. On the whole, the scheme launched by the Government of Tamilnadu was a wonderful success because the response of our staff and students was enormous and the members of self help groups were immensely happy because they could earn a lot of profit.

The inaugural function of EDP cell was held on 16.02.2012 Mrs.M. Senthil D/O Miracle Beauty Center, karaikudi was the chief guest. He motivated the III year students to learn skill oriented courses like brainy work and sarjothi work.

Another one day training programme was given by Mrs.karpayam vedhamoorthy on 23.02.2012. Students got trained in the preparation of articles like paper plate, flower wash , artificial banana and coconut tree from the waste.