National Service Scheme (NSS)

National Service Scheme is a sponsored programme under the Department of Youth Affairs & Sports of the Government of India, started in the year 1969. It aims at orienting the student community towards community service.

The motto of NSS is Not Me, But You. Our college NSS team aims to create awareness about the responsibilities towards the society and induce the youth to be more vibrant in social activities.

NSS Units in SAC

  • The NSS in our College, has 1 Programme Officer for each of the 4 units of 100 volunteers each unit.
  • NSS volunteers adopt a village and conduct a special camp in the village every year.
  • Volunteers are involved in creating awareness about social issues, education, cleanliness through stage shows, etc.
  • The other activities of the special camp are temple cleaning, sapling plantation, health camps etc.

The Team

  • Kasthuri V, Mrs, Associate Professor of Commerce (Convenor)
  • Bhuvaneswari, R, PhD, Assistant Professor of Zoology (Unit 40: Programme Officer)
  • Panchavarnam M, PhD, Assistant Professor of Tamil (Unit 41: Programme Officer)
  • Elizabeth Rani R, PhD, Assistant Professor of Economics(Unit 42: Programme Officer)
  • Mohanavalli S, PhD, Assistant Professor of Mathematics(Unit 43: Programme Officer)